Shoe Sculptures, Nail Art and Weaving

AP art students finished their shoe art sculptures to fall under a principle of design! It has been crazy to see the process!

Mrs. Strousses art classes created these string art designs and weaves. It is great to see all the color and difference in designs and ideas!


Clay Dolls and Grid Art

Mrs. Arroyos art classes are working hard. The first project is called Latch Hook and they are creating grid drawings and then making them 3D! Such a unique project. The dolls that students made and super funky and each one is special in its own way through the details!

Box Art and Jewelry!

AP art students carved wax figures using the ancient lost wax casting process, and their jewelry came back beautiful and ready to wear! It has been great to see these pieces start as wax and come back as golden jewelry! Mrs. Strouse’s art students made these art boxes based off something they admire. It is great to see each students interests turn into an artistic piece they can keep forever!

Fashion Design and Winter Art Show Pieces!

The lower school art class has this beautiful piece outside of the class room! Each house and person is so unique, very cute and festive! Here are a few more of the AP art string art pieces! Very cool. These looks were created by the Fashion design class in high school. The darker color scheme is very cool and edgy! These crayon art pieces were on display at the art show! The AP art class created these of their favorite animated characters! Perfect for the kids.

Water Color and String Art!

In Mrs. Arroyos AP art class, students have finished their strong art. These pieces were for show and some for sale at the Creative Flurry art show. These water color paintings are beautiful! The lower school is exploring different materials and types of art and each piece is so unique!

3D Box Art and Sketchbooks!

In lower school art classes, students are keeping up with sketchbooks weekly. Each sketch is different in style and color and it’s great to see the students branching out! In Mrs. Strouses art classes, students have created boxes filled with different things to create one big picture! Each box has so much detail and 3D objects… It is great to see how students found something they had interest in and created these pieces from it!

Metallic Art and Ring Carvings!

In Mrs. Strouses classes, students are creating these metallic sculptures. Each one is unique in detail wether it’s the students own design or something like an Oreo cookie! It is great to see how each student interpreted the project differently. In Mrs. Arroyos AP art class, students have carved their jewelry into wax. Each design is based off the students concentration for the year. Students were able to make a ring, pendant for a necklace or earrings. The students are now waiting to receive back their shiny, final piece!

Weekly Update of Arts Department!

Mrs. Arroys AP art classes finished their paper dresses and they look great! Students made these dresses completely out of paper, each dress is based off the students concentration. It is great to see how much progress has been made and now the finished dresses!

Mrs. Arroyos art students are helping create props for Mary Poppins Jr. in December!

Mrs. Arroyos fashion design students made their own tops and dresses! These bold fabrics are adorable and super trendy.

Middle school Spanish classes are getting creative with their projects! They made shrines based off Mexican culture. Each one is so unique and beautiful, so much thought! It is great to see art incorporated into their work.

Mrs. Strouses students made self portraits based off of different artists styles. Each one is so unique and it’s great to see how each student adds their own style into their work!

Paper Dresses, Fashion Design and Inspired Sketches!

In Mrs. Arroyos AP art class, students are working on paper dresses. They are designing their own dresses based off their concentration made completely of paper! They are coming together beautifully. In Mrs. Strouses Visual Art 1 classes, students are working on their weekly sketchbooks. This weeks inspiration is Betty Saar. She was a famous artist from the Black Arts Movement in the 1970s. Students used different techniques like stamping and printing for their sketches. It is great to see how each student interpreted the concept differently. In Mrs. Arroyos fashion design classes, students are working on their sewing techniques and working on pieces from their design boards as inspiration.

Sketches and Inspired Self Portraits!

In Mrs. Strouses classes, students picked an artist as inspiration for a self portrait. Every portrait is unique in its own way and it is great to see students adding their own flare to these inspired pieces! In lower school, students are keeping up with their sketchbooks based off different prompts given and seasonal inspiration!